catching up

This time in the semester can be ROUGH. Everything from every class catches up to you, and it feels like every deadline is sneaking up on you (and most are on the same day). This time of the year in school is so hard for me. I just want to be done and get to… Continue reading catching up


President Trump, please take another look. 

Normally I would refrain from posting anything too serious or political on the site. Earlier today, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to roll back Obama's Clean Power Plan and I just cannot get it off my mind. I have done research all day on both sides of the story and wanted to share… Continue reading President Trump, please take another look. 


"I'm both: introvert and extrovert. I like people, but I need to be alone. I'll go out, vibe, and meet new people but it has an expiration, because I have to recharge. If I don't find the valuable alone time I need to recharge I cannot be my highest self." - Sylvester McNutt III something… Continue reading recharge